Enatai Eagle Academic Adventure
*For the 2020-2021 school year the Academic Adventure program is on hold. 
Please contact individual program for their status*


The Enatai Eagle Academic Adventure program encourages kids to stretch themselves by choosing their own adventures in Literacy, Science, the Arts, Geography, activities outside of school, and social emotional learning. Kids learn to set goals, work hard, and reap the rewards of their efforts. 

How to Participate

1) Parents and kids register online by clicking on the link below. Kids can participate without registering, but they will miss out on any updates or reminders throughout the year. As part of registering, kids will be asked to select the Adventures they may participate in. This allows PTSA to gauge participation and communicate with you more effectively. Kids may change their preferred Adventures throughout the year.

2) Kids choose their Adventures. Set your goals for which adventures you'd like to try this year. See table below for a description of each Adventure.

3) Earn limited edition stickers for each Adventure you complete. Place each sticker in the correct spot on the Enatai Eagle Academic Adventure Achievement Album planning and tracking sheets. Keep this album somewhere safe at home to update throughout the year as you earn more stickers.

4) Students can earn recognition at the year end Awards Assembly. Students who complete at least four Adventures will be recognized at the June Awards Assembly. Students who complete all thirteen adventures will be given special recognition. To be included in the awards, a Final Entry form must be submitted by JUNE 5, 2020.

*closed for 2020-2021*







Enter the Reflections National PTA Art Contest

Sep. - Nov.

Create art in one or more of 6 categories: Visual Art, Literature, Photography, Film Production, Dance Choreography and Music Composition.

Reflections Page

Join the Geography Enrichment Program

Sep. – May

Passport Club - Locate countries on a map and learn interesting facts about a selected country each month. 

GeoBee - Join the national competition and take the geographic challenge at school, state, and national level.  Only for students in Grade 4 and 5.

Passport Club Page


GeoBee Page


Participate in:

>Egg Drop
>Field Trips
>PTSA Sponsored       Community Events

Sep.  – May

Throughout the year, participate in these PTSA sponsored enrichment and community activities to learn and make new friends outside of the classroom.

Download the Egg Drop flyer HERE.

PTSA Sponsored Community Events include:

  • Fall Festival + Haunted House
  • Book Fair Nights
  • Movie Nights
  • International Taste of Enatai
  • Carnival

Stickers for these events will be handed out throughout the year

Participate in Multicultural Week



Participate in Multicultural week by making an International travel poster to display with country information.

Posters due: March 18 May 22

Multicultural Page and
Travel poster instructions

Participate in the Enatai Science Fair


Students work independently or in teams to design, document and demonstrate a scientific experiment to members of the Enatai community.

Science Fair

Literacy Adventure


Sep. - May

Read a book from your teacher's classroom library and tell someone in your family about the book. What was it about? Would you recommend the book to a friend? 

Literacy stickers will be sent out with a hard copy of the EEAA Achievement Album


Create Your Own Adventure



 Sep.- May

Are you passionate about an after school activity or want to improve in a school subject not listed above?

With a trusted adult, make goals for this year and keep track of your progress in a way that is easy for you (notes, pictures, etc.)

It's more than ok to make mistakes along the way to learn something new. The important thing is to do your best and keep trying!


Choose Your Adventures!


Questions? Email academicadventure@enataiptsa.org