Art is Awesome! Art Docent Program


Volunteer to be an Art Docent

Do you love art and art history? Would you like to pass that love on to kids at Enatai? Then we have the perfect volunteer role for you. You don't need to be artistic, or have any teaching experience to be an Art Docent. All it takes is three hours every other month, a presentation from our library of quick and easy lessons, and art materials we provide. The kids pretty much take it from there!

If you are sold on the volunteer opportunity please sign up here.  If you have additional questions please contact Cheryl Lo at

Before arriving as a volunteer, please fill out the online Volunteer Verification and complete the check to be authorized as an in-school volunteer. 

How It Works

Enatai’s Art Docents act as art guides in their children’s classrooms, volunteering every other month or five times a year.  The specific classroom dates and times are coordinated by the docent with the classroom teacher. If you are able to volunteer more frequently, feel free to work with your teacher on additional dates.

Each classroom session consists of a brief presentation on an artist or art style and an art project. Suggested lessons and projects by grade are provided on the Art Docent website.  If there is a particular subject you do not find on the website feel free to develop your own lesson and please share it with us to keep our library of lessons fresh!  

The three hour Art Docent time commitment for each lesson consists of:

  • One hour of prep at home
    • Coordinate with classroom teacher on Art Docent time and day
    • Select an artist and project
    • Prepare/review a PowerPoint lesson
    • Practice presenting the lesson
    • Check art supply inventory list and coordinate with Art Docent Chair if additional art materials are needed.
  • 30 minutes of prep at school
    • Gather materials and supplies from the docent cabinets
    • Prep classroom and distribute art material and supplies
  • One hour in the class
    • ~15 minute lesson
    • ~45 minute art project
  • 30 minutes of clean up

History of Enatai's Art Docent Program

Enatai’s Art is Awesome! Art Docent Program teaches our students about artists, art styles, and art history through interactive lessons that help them develop a critical eye for art while building artistic self-confidence.

Our program began in 2011 after a school-wide PTSA poll overwhelmingly showed a need for more art education support at Enatai. This inspired Enatai parent Gina McSweeney, who teamed up with the PTSA Board to pilot the program. During the pilot period, Ms. McSweeney and a small, dedicated team of parent volunteers visited each classroom to present art docent lessons.

Not only did the students love getting additional time to create art, they also enjoyed learning about artists and art styles that they may not have learned about in other art classes. Fellow art enthusiast parents and teachers soon rallied to keep the program going and more Art Docent volunteers were recruited and trained. The following year, each and every classroom had an Art Docent volunteer.

Thanks to the dedication and support of our Art Docent volunteers, teachers, and PTSA members, the Art Docent Program continues to grow.


For Art Docents:

Art Docent Basics
Art Docent Lessons
Presentation Notes
Recommended Projects/Lessons by Grade Level
Talking about Art with Children
Reimbursement Form

For Parents and Students:

Free Museum Days in the Bellevue & Seattle Area
Awesome Art Books